#1 Unity

"I hope WE expands so much that there is no longer any THEM."

President of Global Security Institute, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
11 Days of Global Unity Participant

#2 Interdependence

"It's time for us to realize that we are a part of those who are hungry
and starving, all those animals that face extinction. Then we begin to make
the change from 'I' to 'WE'. We are the world."

Primatologist and UN Messenger of Peace
11 Days of Global Unity Participant

#3 Environment

“We can build an energy system that looks more like the internet
(a Farmer's Market in electrons) if we have solar panels on everybody's roof
all tied together. That kind of WE Economy is very attractive to me.”

Co-Founder of 350.org, Co-Organizer of the colossal Peoples Climate March
11 Days of Global Unity Participant

#4 Economic Justice

“The world will not resolve conflict and war, or the destruction of its
environment, until we stop grabbing huge benefits for the few at the
expense of sustainable benefits for all."

Nobel Peace Laureate
11 Days of Global Unity Participant

#5 Health

“The 6 qualities of our hospital culture to keep the staff healthy and
to be an ideal environment to heal in are:
Happy, Funny, Loving, Cooperative, Creative, and Thoughtful!”

Physician, comedian, social activist, clown and Founder of the Gesundheit! Institute
11 Days of Global Unity Participant

#6 Children & Youth

“Feeling our pain for the world is a fuel to move us into positive action.
Young folks – there is a place for you. It’s an incredibly exciting time to be
young and alive. You have something profound and important to give!”

Curriculum and Training Coordinator of Generation Waking Up
11 Days of Global Unity Participant

#7 Women

“At the beginning, we got a group of women together in my living room.
I think living rooms and kitchens are where all revolutions really begin.”

Author of The Vagina Monologues, Founder of V-Day and One Billion Rising
11 Days of Global Unity Participant

#8 Human Rights

“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.”

Nobel Peace Laureate
11 Days of Global Unity Participant

#9 Freedom

“I believe we are in a national crisis,
which justifies and requires acts of unauthorized truth-telling.”

Writer, Activist & Whistleblower, he released the Pentagon Papers during the Vietnam War
11 Days of Global Unity Participant

#10 Disarmament

“Our most important task is to transform our consciousness so that
violence is no longer an option for us in our personal lives.”

World renowned author and pioneer in personal transformation
11 Days of Global Unity Participant

#11 Peace

“11 Days of Global Unity aims at strengthening the ideals of unity and
equality, diversity and oneness, harmony and compassion and, above all,
at advancing the Culture of Peace. I welcome this remarkable initiative."

Former Under-Secretary-General and High Representative of the United Nations
11 Days of Global Unity Participant

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11 Days of Global Unity – Latest TeleSummit

11 Powerful Dialogues on Each of the 11 Campaigns For Change

Hosted by Karen Palmer and Rick Ulfik
Featuring some of the most visionary leaders and activists of our time
Hazel Henderson, Chief Phil Lane Jr., Rev. Sylvia Sumter, Tarek Mounib, Monica Willard,
Jonathan Granoff, Sande Hart, Kathryn Davis and many others!

Watch Replays of the Summit Here:

UNITY – Tarek Mounib, Rev. Sylvia Sumter, Steve Farrell and Ben Bowler – https://11DaysOfGlobalUnity.org/unity

INTERDEPENDENCE – Suzanne Ross, Angelique Boas, Juliette Taylor-Lallau – https://11DaysOfGlobalUnity.org/interdependence

ENVIRONMENT – Chief Phil Lane Jr., Sue Blythe – https://11DaysOfGlobalUnity.org/environment

ECONOMIC JUSTICE – Hazel Henderson – https://11DaysOfGlobalUnity.org/economic-justice

HEALTH – James Maskell, Kathryn Davis – https://11DaysOfGlobalUnity.org/health

CHILDREN & YOUTH – Jamie Margolin, Heidi Little – https://11DaysOfGlobalUnity.org/children-youth

WOMEN – Sande Hart, Joumana Rizk, ShaRon Rea – https://11DaysOfGlobalUnity.org/women

HUMAN RIGHTS – Jacqueline Murekatete – https://11DaysOfGlobalUnity.org/human-rights

FREEDOM – Earl James – https://11DaysOfGlobalUnity.org/freedom

DISARMAMENT – Jonathan Granoff, Alyn Ware – https://11DaysOfGlobalUnity.org/disarmament

PEACE – Jon Ramer, Deborah Greene, Monica Willard, Michelle Reid – https://11DaysOfGlobalUnity.org/peace

What are the 11 Days of Global Unity?


11 Days of Global Unity highlights 11 Campaigns For Change which call forth the values, spirit and service needed to move us towards a culture of peace and a world that works for all.

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