Theme 3 – Environment

September 13th

The Environment campaign is devoted to global activism and working with international organizations to combat the ever-increasing climate emergencies we are currently facing! WE aim to bring together grassroots movements and organizations to address the Climate Crisis. WE do this through promoting investment in renewable energy, protecting ecosystems and biodiversity, protecting and providing clean water, minimizing pollution, and supporting sustainable agriculture.

This campaign focuses on:

⭐ Promote major investment in renewable, non-polluting energy systems and fuels
⭐ Protect eco-systems and biodiversity – end the Mass Extinction of Species
⭐ Protect and provide clean water for all
⭐ Minimize pollution and clean up the land, lakes, rivers, oceans and the air
⭐ Address the Climate Crisis: from International Agreements to Local Policies
⭐ Support local, organic, sustainable agriculture
⭐ Carry out other programs to achieve Environmental goals

Featured Environment Theme Speakers

Rick Ulfik

Sue Blythe

Shannon CrossBear

Angie Terrell


Amy Brooks

Sherie Stark

Environment Theme – 2021 Highlights

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Humanity Rising 

Host: Rick Ulfik | Speaker: Jim Garrison | Sue Blythe – Environment Campaign Coordinator and founder of the Climate Collaboratory

Elders Action Network

Host: Rick Ulfik & Sue Blythe
Speakers – Anne Adamn, PhD – leader at Elders Climate Action Network | Sherie Stark – journalist and Elders Climate Action Network member | Angela Terrell – arts education advocate



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