Theme 4 – Economic Justice

September 14th

The Economic Justice campaign is devoted to ENDING POVERTY worldwide! WE aim to bring together grassroots movements and organizations to end poverty. WE do this through fulfilling basic human needs, expanding socially conscious business, global financial reform, promoting fair trade and fair labor, reducing economic inequality and ending economic injustice.

This campaign focuses on:

⭐ End poverty (SDG #1 and 2)
⭐ Fulfill all basic human needs : food, water and shelter
⭐ Expand socially conscious business and investment
⭐ Conduct global financial reform
⭐ Promote Fair Trade and other fair labor practices
⭐ Encourage the creation of enterprises owned and run by the workers
⭐ Participate in the movement to reduce economic inequality and end economic injustice
⭐ Carry out other programs to achieve Economic Justice goals


11 Days of Global Unity & Global Peace Weekend September 11th – 21st

Dr Jude Currivan, cosmologist, author of The Cosmic Hologram, co-founder WholeWorld-View and member Evolutionary Leaders Circle

Day 4: Economic Justice

Unity in diversity nurtures a restorative and regenerative approach to economics and a financial system founded on inclusion and justice.

Our collective world-view of separation has mistakenly caused us to see ourselves as being apart from each other, our planetary home Gaia and the entire Cosmos. In our forgetting of the essential unity of all existence, we’ve come to inflict devastating damage to the well-being of our human family, Gaia and all her children.

The illusion of separation drives division, fear-based behaviors and a sense of scarcity; exemplified by our global economic and financial system, with its inherent win-lose mentality, hierarchical structures and fundamental injustices.

A wholeworld-view, though, based on unity in diversity, nurtures a restorative and regenerative approach to economics and a financial system founded on inclusion and justice.

It values co-creative intelligence, welcomes and celebrates our globally diverse expressions of unity and embodies evolutionary purpose within a framework that nurtures people and planet.

It calls us to act local whilst also feeling global and thinking cosmic: supporting individuals and communities embarking on ways of ‘sacred normality’; reconnecting with each other, Gaia and the universal pulse of evolution that flows through us. And it empowers us to re-member how to link up and lift up to co-create lives of meaning, purpose, connectedness and responsibility.  

Question: How can you bring more inclusion and justice into your daily life?



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11 Days of Global Unity Summit – 2020 Highlights

Speakers: Jana Larsen, Mary Aguilera, Samuel Prince, Brian Mallory with host Rick Ulfik


Global Impact Magazine Group of women being planted



THEME Economic Justice

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Serenity Star is a family spiritually-based recovery center model that has done well in the USA. SKY IS THE LIMIT will help build a new center in Victoria, BC, Canada.
from WE THE WORLD ALBUM COMPILATION, released June 1, 2020
Music, lead guitar and vocals by Kilo
Bass Skyler Buckley
Recorded, mixed and produced at RIP Debois Studios,
Saranac Lake, New York
What makes us different:
This is a spiritual (not religious) program. Our six-month to one-year program is not so much chemical dependency treatment as it is a community of addicts devoted to finding our personal path and discovering our purpose in recovery. In such a community we are able to practice on a daily basis the skills and develop the relationships we need for sustainable recovery. We are committed to healing mind, body and spirit – the authentic person. We are different because we put your recovery back into your hands. We are not responsible for your growth or healing – you are – but we will show you what has worked for us and give suggestions on how to live differently. Our staff is comprised entirely of the SerenityStar founders and former clients. All of whom continue to work their programs and make their homes here.

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