11 Days of Global Unity Summit

Featured UNITY Panel Speakers

Deborah Moldow 2021 crop

Deborah Moldow

Rev. Deborah Moldow is an ordained interfaith minister committed to assisting in the transformation of human consciousness to a culture of peace. Deborah is the founder of the Garden of Light, an online platform that provides a virtual home for a new community rooted in the emerging global spirituality.

Dot Maver

Dorothy J Maver, PhD is an educator and peacebuilder whose keynote is inspiring cooperation on behalf of the common good. Dot is a co-founder of the Global Silent Minute, the National Peace Academy USA, Global Alliance for Ministries and Infrastructures for Peace, and the Seven Ray Institute.
Sharon Rea

ShaRon Rea

No Judgment. Just Love.® is my global movement founded 8 years ago. It is the foundation for how I coach and live my life. We know that judgments are human and we judge all the time. My message is meant to encourage people to practice No Judgment. Just Love.®

Theme 1 – Unity

September 11th

The Unity campaign is devoted to bringing together grassroots movements and organizations to strengthen interfaith dialogue and understanding, with a focus on ending racism and intolerance of all kinds through encouraging healing and reconciliation among conflicting groups. WE do this through nonviolent communication, increased cooperation and coordination, and promoting a ‘WE’ consciousness.

This campaign focuses on:
⭐ Promote solidarity, and the recognition of people’s commonality, by commemorating dates of significance to humanity such as the anniversary of September 11th 2001, a calamity in the USA that led to an ongoing global geopolitical crisis, and also led to an international response promoting Global Unity
⭐ Strengthen interfaith dialogue and understanding
⭐ Work to end racism and intolerance of all kinds
⭐ Encourage healing and reconciliation between conflicting groups
⭐ Use nonviolent forms of communication to increase connection and prevent conflict
⭐ Increase cooperation and coordination between local and regional grassroots organizations
⭐ Develop global partnerships and build coalitions – UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #17
⭐ Recognize and promote global awareness and “WE” consciousness
⭐ Promote the role of Values, Ethics and Spirit in creating positive social change
⭐ Carry out other kinds of programs to achieve Unity goals

Unity Theme – 2022 Highlights

Featured Unity Theme Speakers

Rick Ulfik

Ben Bowler

Jon Ramer



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