Theme 1 – Unity

September 11th

The Unity campaign is devoted to bringing together grassroots movements and organizations to strengthen interfaith dialogue and understanding, with a focus on ending racism and intolerance of all kinds through encouraging healing and reconciliation among conflicting groups. WE do this through nonviolent communication, increased cooperation and coordination, and promoting a ‘WE’ consciousness.

This campaign focuses on:
⭐ Promote solidarity, and the recognition of people’s commonality, by commemorating dates of significance to humanity such as the anniversary of September 11th 2001, a calamity in the USA that led to an ongoing global geopolitical crisis, and also led to an international response promoting Global Unity
⭐ Strengthen interfaith dialogue and understanding
⭐ Work to end racism and intolerance of all kinds
⭐ Encourage healing and reconciliation between conflicting groups
⭐ Use nonviolent forms of communication to increase connection and prevent conflict
⭐ Increase cooperation and coordination between local and regional grassroots organizations
⭐ Develop global partnerships and build coalitions – UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #17
⭐ Recognize and promote global awareness and “WE” consciousness
⭐ Promote the role of Values, Ethics and Spirit in creating positive social change
⭐ Carry out other kinds of programs to achieve Unity goals

Featured Unity Theme Speakers

Avon Mattison

ShaRon Rea

Teri Angel

Audrey Kitagawa

Unity Theme – 2021 Highlights

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Humanity Rising – A Tribute to Avon Mattison

Host: Rick Ulfik | Speaker: ShaRon Rea – Unity Campaign Coordinator and author of “No Judgment, Just Love”

Can We Become United without a Catastrophic Event like 9/11?

Speakers: Teri Angel – Peace Coordinator | ShaRon Rea – Unity Coordinator | Rick Ulfik – WE, The World Founder | Audrey Kitagawa – President/Founder of the International Academy For Multicultural Cooperation



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