11 Days of Global Unity Summit

Featured INTERDEPENDENCE Panel Speakers

Shannon CrossBear

Shannon CrossBear

Shannon CrossBear articulates her purpose as: To demonstrate and promote gentle healing. She expresses her commitment to healing through her work in the world. Her own community and family history propelled her to develop leadership in order to address disparities that have led to poor outcomes for friends and relatives.
Christopher Oquist

Christopher Oquist

Arianna Antone-Ramirez

Arianna Antone-Ramirez

Theme 2 – Interdependence

September 12th

The Interdependence campaign is devoted to bringing awareness around the subject of our connection with others and how we are all essentially ONE consciousness and ONE collective body! WE aim to bring together grassroots movements and organizations to highlight the connections through all life on earth by expanding awareness and action to protect and preserve global commons. WE do this through celebrating all life, honoring indigenous wisdom, and promoting conscious interdependence.

This campaign focuses on:
⭐ Celebrate Interdependence Day September 12th and participate in the Interdependence Movement
⭐ Promote Conscious Interdependence acknowledging that we are all connected through the web of life
⭐ Expand awareness and action to protect and preserve our global commons (land, water, air, internet, etc.)
⭐ Honor indigenous wisdom
⭐ Create an Interdependence Curriculum for Schools
⭐ Carry out other Interdependence programs

Interdependence Theme – 2022 Highlights

Featured Interdependence Theme Speakers

David Wick

Shannon Crossbear



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