Theme 2 – Interdependence

September 12th

The Interdependence campaign is devoted to bringing awareness around the subject of our connection with others and how we are all essentially ONE consciousness and ONE collective body! WE aim to bring together grassroots movements and organizations to highlight the connections through all life on earth by expanding awareness and action to protect and preserve global commons. WE do this through celebrating all life, honoring indigenous wisdom, and promoting conscious interdependence.

This campaign focuses on:
⭐ Celebrate Interdependence Day September 12th and participate in the Interdependence Movement
⭐ Promote Conscious Interdependence acknowledging that we are all connected through the web of life
⭐ Expand awareness and action to protect and preserve our global commons (land, water, air, internet, etc.)
⭐ Honor indigenous wisdom
⭐ Create an Interdependence Curriculum for Schools
⭐ Carry out other Interdependence programs


11 Days of Global Unity & Global Peace Weekend September 11th – 21st

Dr Jude Currivan, cosmologist, author of The Cosmic Hologram, co-founder WholeWorld-View and member Evolutionary Leaders Circle

Day 2: Interconnectedness

We are inheritors of a cosmic legacy, embodying memories of all those before us. We are kin, fundamentally interconnected with the meaning and purpose of all existence.

We are inheritors of a cosmic legacy, with the birth of our Universe, not in the implied chaos of a big bang but the first moment of an exquisitely fine-tuned, creative and continuing big breath. And with its unity evolving from simplicity to complexity and diversity and ever-greater levels of self- and related- awareness.

A Universe where everything in existence is fundamentally interconnected and with inherent meaning and purpose.

As light wove the appearance of space and time together and the assemblance of energy and matter, the notes of a primordial AUM lasting hundreds of thousands of years, literally sang the first stars and galaxies into existence.

As our Universe continued to learn, grow and evolve, cohorts of stars alchemically created a multitude of elements, before exploding and bequeathing their rich heritage to form interstellar dust clouds. Embodying a wealth of elemental resources, water, and even organic molecules, they nurtured the birth of planetary systems, including ours – with planets able to harbor organic life, from the first microbes to us.

The hydrogen in the water of our bodies and the waters of our planetary home is as old as our Universe; we’re made from stardust; we embody memories of all those who’ve gone before us; we are kin, fundamentally interconnected with all existence.

Question: How does your sense of interconnectedness express itself in your daily life?



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11 Days of Global Unity Summit – 2020 Highlights

Speakers: Shannon Crossbear, Deborah Moldow, Gino Pastori-Ng, and Rev. Sylvia Sumter, Rick Ulfik Host

The Power of Our Stories Community Gathering

Join a global community writing workshop and discover the beauty, wisdom, and courage we all have to share. Hear unforgettable stories and voices. Experience our interdependent world through the power of our stories. Poet and fiction writer Jackie Parker will help us create stories that transform and inspire—and show us how deeply connected we are. All are welcome. All ages. Experience. Languages.


Grandmother and musician from the Standing Rock Lakota Tribe talking also about oil and water.

The Solution to All the World Problems

Inspiring Humanity to awaken to the Universal Truth of Oneness. Science is now teaching us that ALL life, everything we call physical matter is energy and that energy is interconnected and interdependent. In essence, everything and everyone is ONE! Knowing the Truth of Oneness will put an end to war, crime, poverty, racism, cruelty, abuse, religious and cultural division, and environmental damage. A solution to all of mankind problems when we all know and live this Truth. We are living in the dawn of Humanity’s Mass Awakening! Awakening is Knowing we are all ONE! Caroline Chang is the Producer and Host of Awake 2 Oneness Radio, Founder of The KYLE Foundation (Keep Your Light Expanding), and Co-Founder of Universal Oneness Alliance. She was inspired by her inner Spirit guidance six months after the transition of her son Kyle to launch her podcast and found a non-profit foundation in his memory. The mission of Awake 2 Oneness Radio and The KYLE Foundation is to inspire the world to awaken to the Universal Truth of Oneness. Science and Spirituality are teaching us we are literally all connected, we are all ONE and when Humanity awakens to this Truth there will be peace on earth.


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from WE THE WORLD ALBUM COMPILATION, released June 1, 2020 license
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