Theme 8 – Human Rights

September 18th

The Human Rights Campaign is devoted to advocating for human rights worldwide! WE aim to bring together grassroots movements and organizations to achieve societal recognition and fulfillment of universal human needs, end all forms of persecution and torture, and reduce levels of incarceration. WE do this through promoting judicial transparency and fairness, promoting civil rights and civil liberties, and promoting restorative justice.

This campaign focuses on:

⭐ Work to achieve societal recognition and fulfillment of universal human needs worldwide
⭐ End persecution in all forms
⭐ Promote judicial transparency and fairness
⭐ End all forms of torture
⭐ Promote civil rights and civil liberties
⭐ Reduce levels of incarceration
⭐ Promote Restorative Justice
⭐ Carry out other programs that support Human Rights


11 Days of Global Unity & Global Peace Weekend September 11th – 21st

Dr Jude Currivan, cosmologist, author of The Cosmic Hologram, co-founder WholeWorld-View and member Evolutionary Leaders Circle

Day 8: Human Rights

We all have human rights to be born free and equal and for no-one to take our human rights away. And we also have complementary responsibilities to care for others and protect their rights.

In 1948, the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights listed thirty basic rights; the first of which is that we are all born free and equal and the last of which is that no one can take our human rights away.

Number twenty-nine of the thirty, though, relates to the complementary need to balance human rights with human responsibilities; maintaining that we have a duty of care to others and should protect their rights and freedoms.

The wholeworld-view perspective of unity in diversity, reveals the fundamental relationships between the individual Me, the collective We and the universal All, where the balance of such rights and responsibilities are foundational.

We’re all linked with the whole of existence. When those links form loving chains of mutuality for community and planetary relationships, they nurture our health and well-being and allow all to flourish. 

Yet when we have forgotten such unity and instead of wondering in awe at its diverse expressions, we have fallen into the illusion of separation, the chains of enslavement bind us.

We have a moment of choice as perhaps never before, to break the chains that have bound us and link up and lift up together to co-create chains of compassion and care that bind us together with love.

Question: How do you embody chains of compassion and care, that begin with yourself, in your daily life?



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11 Days of Global Unity Summit – 2020 Highlights

with host Rick Ulfik and guest Brielle Cintron

LGBTQ+ Rights: Human Rights Violations Around the World Description: A brief look into how LGBTQ+ folks suffer from human rights violations around the world. We will talk about rights violations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. There will be time for participants to talk about their personal experiences with being LGBTQ+ and human rights.

Voices of Refugees

Join us to hear voices from Refugees up close and personal. “I know only too well what it means to be a refugee. All I ask for is for you to give me my Respect, Dignity and the  Right to an Education like everyone else .” Ugoji A Eze , Esq . PhD ,  A Biafra refugee speaking at the United Nations, New York in a meeting on The New York Declaration on Refugees and Migrants, 2017 . Led by Ugoji A Eze: Writer , Producer and National Security Analyst : “Reaffirming US Commitment To Refugees: A Challenge to Security and Engagement .” and Jackie Parker: poet and author of Our Lady of Infidelity: A Novel of Miracles, founder of The Power of Our Stories: transformational workshops  for healing, empowerment, and community. Sticks and Stones: Refugee Educational Initiative.


Crystal Nation planting pomegranate in the center of a medicine what’re wheel
Talking about human rights from Mental Health and Drugs perspective

How to be an Ally: Transgender and Non-binary Identities

How to be an Ally: Transgender and Non-binary Identities. Discussion will include terminology such as sex vs. gender, pronouns and how to use them, and how to be an ally to those who are not cisgender.

The Movement from “I” to “We” in Dismantling Racism

Join the WE team as members talk about their campaign initiatives geared at fighting racism. Find out how you can join and participate in these campaigns as we work to move from “I”to “We” in our thoughts, actions and policies regarding racism.




from WE THE WORLD ALBUM COMPILATION, released June 1, 2020 license
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