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Women’s Month

#womensmonth #alliesmonth #familiesmonth

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WE Women’s Month & International Women’s Day

February 27 – March 31

With Calls To Action that Inspire, Inform and Involve!


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Roundtable Discussion On equaleverywhere.org with Karen Palmer

We will focus on #EqualEverywhere which brings together the United Nations Foundation and partners committed to achieving the urgent systemic change that’s needed at all levels, in all countries. Their aim is to build, nurture, and mobilize communities of support for girls and women across and between countries, sectors and issues.

WE will open lines of communication and dialogue to co-create a world that works for all. Please email karenpalmer@wetheworld.org if you would like to join us in our efforts to see a world of equality, respect, and dignity for all living beings.


Karen Palmer is a mom who made a wish that sparked a kindness revolution. She went from being homeless to being an Internationally known Global Kindness Leader and Educator. Karen is known as @MindfulMediaMom and Miss Kindness on all social media. Karen is a Spokesperson, Livestream and Social Media Expert for many large organizations. She is a best-selling author and co-produces several popular online talk shows. She is Lead Organizer for Women and Allies Campaign for We, The World.  She helps change agents and peacemakers find their voice, and share their message and gifts globally.

Visit www.globalkindnesstv.org to learn more.


Aurora Pagonis is the founder of She Speaks which is dedicated to the awakening and embodiment of the feminine intelligent principle in leadership.

As a transformational coach, facilitator and inspirational speaker Aurora works with global groups of women. Delivering Sacred Conversations Circle Gatherings, On-line Transformation programs, retreats and inspirational talks. Facilitating the empowerment of women to rise into the best version of themselves through self-awareness, feminine intelligence and compassionate leadership practices. Enabling a new way of living, loving and leading and a world that works for all.



Mobile: +61 460 030 100

Sande Hart– Mother, grandmother, Sister, and President of S.A.R.A.H. She is a disrupter of patterns of domination and patriarchy through wildly creative programs, workshops and events. Sande believes that We Philosophy is the solutions to all issues that disproportionately impact women and girls and through The General Congress of Women, a flagship program of S.A.R.A.H., she is committed to accelerating solutions in order to advance a culture of balance.


Heidi Little M.Ed is a 25 year Social Emotional Learning international Educator and the Director of The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning. An accomplished musical artist and songwriter, CEO/President of Omnipresent Media TV Network, mother and youth advocate with International Childrens Month/World and WE The world. HeidiLittle.comseladvancement.orgOmniTV.orginternationalchildren.world

ShaRon Rea, works as an Author, Speaker, Life and Family Coach and owns The Whole Family Coaching. She founded the global movement No Judgment. Just Love.® and created Comfy Couch™ Conversations to inspire us to live together with unconditional allowance for each other.…one courageous action at a time.



Marty K. Casey best known as “Dr. Marty”, is the owner of a trauma informed business UnGUN Institute. She is an “ Actrivist” an artist/ activist applying her experience to help people all over the world disarm trauma. Dr. Marty’s motto is “Hurt people hurt people. HEALED people, HEAL people.” She can be found on all social media outlets or you can visit Unguninstitute.com



Reverend Sylvia Sumter has been an ordained Unity Minister for thirty-three years. She currently serves as the senior minister of Unity of Washington, DC, in the nation’s capital. In addition to that, she is the Founder of “Stand Up For Humanity”, a movement promoting the honoring of all people and creating a world that works for all.

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”March 8 7:00 PM ET – Sacred Conversations” _builder_version=”4.9.2″ open=”off”]

A Monthly Series
With Aurora Pagonis
Featured by We, The World’s Campaign For Women

RSVP Required
Email: SacredConversations@WeTheWorld.org

In the essence of celebrating women Aurora Pagonis of She Speaks would like to warmly invite you to join her and an incredible tribe of women for a Sacred Conversations Gathering. This event will be the kick-off to a monthly sequence of Sacred Conversations events taking you on a journey of discovery across various themes that inspire the feminine heart.
You will be hosted by Aurora who will encourage the cultivation of insights and transformation through conversation in good company. Creating the space that acts as a container to capture the higher Intelligence that is required of us as women to support our next evolution together.
Sacred Conversations is held in a 90-minute circle of mindfulness, authentic dialogue, deep contemplation, sharing in dyads and as a group, as well as an opportunity for some “HeartSeat” coaching reflections.
In the willingness for each of us to step into sacred space, we will drop into presence and activate our deep listening. As we open to the wisdom of our Hearts, our inner impulse to share through our voice, allows for our direct knowing to become available. In the spoken word, it becomes present as an in-sight for ourselves and for one another.
Sacred Conversations will support you to
• Activate your personal genius
• Witness one another in deep listening and learn from the collective voice
• Breakthrough in letting go of anything that doesn’t serve
• Experience a deeper connection to self and others
• Discover and clarify what is emerging for you
• Embody and claim your uniqueness and your leadership
• Vision into a new way of living, loving and leading
I welcome you to say YES to a nourishing, uplifting and evolutionary afternoon In Good Company.

Aurora believes that there is a new era of consciousness emerging in the world. One that requires the awakening of feminine intelligence to ignite a new heart centered form of leadership to create the transformation required on the planet. Transformation that will allow for a world that works for all.

These are transitional times we live in and in the recognition and ignition of feminine principles and qualities we can co-create a new way of living, loving and leading.

Invoking intuition, compassion, deep listening, inclusivity and leadership through the feminine lense.

To support this vision Aurora has created She Speaks dedicated to the awakening of the feminine principle. As a transformational coach, facilitator and inspirational speaker Aurora works with global groups of women and delivers Sacred Conversations Gatherings, On-line Transformation programs, retreats and inspirational talks. Facilitating women to rise into the best version of themselves through self-awareness, feminine intelligence and compassionate leadership practices. Empowering women to express their unique gifts into the world and deliver to their calling.

With over twenty years in senior sales, partner management and management roles in the Telecommunications, IT and Wellness Services sectors, Aurora has been recognised with global and local business awards of excellence in companies such as BellSouth, IBM, Telstra and Optus. Having a passion for the evolution of conscious business as a catalyst for change and vast experience in business, alongside walking the path of spiritual and emotional expansion, Aurora brings an integrated well balanced approach to her facilitation’s and contribution to women.

As the founder of She Speaks and the Compassionate Leadership Program Aurora facilitates and as acts as a guide to support women to empower themselves to step into their next level of personal and collective leadership evolution.

Aurora’s ability to connect deeply with her audience and invoke emotional engagement are two of her endearing qualities as a speaker. Her talks are more of a” heart speak” rather than a keynote with the intention of the audience having the experience of getting to trust and know themselves more deeply.

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”March 14-26 NGO Committee on the Status of Women, New York Presents NGO CSW65 Virtual Forum” _builder_version=”4.9.2″ open=”off”]

NGO CSW/NY facilitates a platform for the voices and leadership of feminists and women’s rights organizations globally who lobby for their inclusion in the UN deliberations in pursuit of gender equality.

‘The UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) is the principal global intergovernmental body exclusively dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women. The CSW is instrumental in promoting women’s rights, documenting the reality of women’s lives throughout the world, and shaping global standards on gender equality and the empowerment of women. CSW65 will take place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York from 15 to 26 March 2021.’

Register: https://ngocsw65forum.us2.pathable.com/

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”March 21 12:00 PM ET Women and the Environment” _builder_version=”4.9.2″ hover_enabled=”0″ open=”off” sticky_enabled=”0″]

Register: sarah4hope.org

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More Ways to Participate

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In celebration of this marvelous month, on March 1, we are inviting you all to share the #womenmakingwaves in your life! Over the month, we will be sharing some of the most ripple-y women we are inspired by, and hope you will share your stories too!

We believe that women embody some of the most powerful qualities of water. Water (and women) are relentless and shapes the landscape! When water (and women) hit an obstacle they finds a better path. We want to know which women in your life have demonstrated these powerful qualities!

  • Who has shaped you?
  • Who has been relentlessly supportive?
  • Who has helped you find your path?

Please follow us to share your stories starting March 1!

Twitter @womenwater

Facebook, /womenwater

Instagram @globalwomenswater

As we raise awareness of the water burdens that women face, we will be celebrating the incredible work of our women trainees and graduates bringing sustainable WASH solutions to their communities and are working at the frontlines of Covid to ensure that people have the tools, knowledge and skills to reduce the risk of Covid and water-related disease!

Carrying a jerrican of water (5 gallons) on their head shoulders and backs is one of the heaviest burdens (literally)! One jerrican of water weighs 41.64 lbs! We will be trying to raise $4164 from now until World Water Day – March 22 to support our women to bring health, wealth and h2ope to their communities! Help us spread the word and challenge your friends to highlight the women in their lives who have shaped them, been relentlessly supportive and helped find their paths!

Thank you all for your relentless support over the years! Our ripples have turned into powerful waves because of you! And thank you for taking our #womenmakingwaves Challenge!

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Take action and volunteer for one or more of these Campaigns:

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”Join one of our fundraising teams” _builder_version=”4.0.9″ open=”off”]

Pick a fundraising campaign, set a goal, and help us grow!

WE Change Agent Network

11 Campaigns for Change

An Urgent Message From Your Children

General fundraising can be directed to we.net/donate

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Volunteer and take action with MLK Programs Co-Sponsored by We, The World and Allied Organizations – check each of the Campaign pages on this site! The “Partner” section located at the bottom of each page contains links to direct actions you can take with any of our partners.

(Sign up on this page to receive additional information about service opportunities from our partners.)

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Featured Partners

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