Tuesday MAY 18 at 6PM Eastern Time

The Climate Collaboratory celebrates the conclusion of the Florida Climate Conversation-to-Action Program for 2020-21.  Tomorrow’s Dreamers introduce the Earth Charter Treasure Hunt, finding gems for Illuminating the Earth Charter. Invited guest speakers – graduates of the eight-month climate conversation-to-action program:  

  • Jennison Kipp – Sustainable Floridians, National Extension Climate Initiative
  • Shannon Crossbear – Angelic (Born in a Cloud of Smoke)
  • Joanne Schwandes – Crafting Our Climate Story
  • Esther Fyk – En-Roads Climate Simulation presenter
  • Kimberly Gila – Elders Climate Action / NorCal
  • John Nix – regenerative agriculture in schools
  • Lanny Smith – environmental education through the arts
  • Barbara McDade-Gordon – Sustainable Development Goals
  • Jay Rosenbeck – climate justice – solar array
  • Sherie Stark – Elders Action Network articles
  • Helen Warren – EcoChallenge
  • Jim Graywolf Petruzzi – Sacred Spaces, Sacred Lands
  • Ensign Cowell – Spirituality and Sustainability Global Network
  • Sue Blythe – Gardens of Global Unity / June, September

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