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1. What do Artist Collaborations have to do with a film festival?

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We want this event to be a seed that grows into a legacy of a better world. We are living through
historic times and one day, folks will ask you what you did.
We want to grow a community that rallies around [We]Freedom Film Fest and the values that
inspired it. With this project we are exploring how to connect these values to specific changes.
Artist collaborations are one path for this.
This is a WeTheWorld Campaign for Freedom project operating under the artist research
residency of Yvette Dubel and builds on her work.
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2. No entry fee and prize money?

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What’s the catch?
No catch. We are interested in finding this kind of media and the audiences who share an
interest in it.
We want to grow a community that rallies around these themes, contributing to the diversity of
voices expressing the values that inspired this organization.
With this project we are exploring how to connect these values to specific changes such as what
kind of work is encouraged and incentivized to express a different kind of value led economics.
Happy to go deeper into this if you’re really interested – get in touch to schedule a conversation
or request additional information.
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3. How is it going to work over 11 days?

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One film will be screened each day over 11 days of Global Unity.
When the schedule is finalized folks who’ve registered to request a free ticket will be notified.
Register to request complimentary ticket:
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4. Where do we go if we just want to watch?

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Registered attendees will be emailed a virtual room link each day with screening time
Go Register :
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5. How do I submit to the film festival?

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A. Through website https://11daysofglobalunity.org/wefreedom-film-fest/. All of the information is
posted on our website.
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6. Do I need to create a FilmFreeway Account?

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A. In order to submit a film you need an account but you do not need an account to view the
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7. What are the 11 days of Unity?

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A. We, The World and organizations worldwide are taking part in programs and calls to action in
September in observance of, and in alignment with, 11 Days of Global Unity ( September 11-21
and the UN International Day of Peace September 21. This emerging international movement
consists of more than 3,500 civil society organizations in nearly every country that are
presenting concerts, conferences, festivals, forums, marches, broadcasts and other programs in
September to address local and global social, political, economic and environmental challenges
to humanity and all life on Earth.
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8. Can I still submit to the film festival even if my film does not have anything to do with the 11 days of unity?

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A. Yes! We want to see all types of films!

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9. What is We, the World?

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A. We, The World (at WE.net) is a global coalition-building non-profit organization based in New
York City. Founded in 1998 by Rick Ulfik, We, The World annually connects and promotes
thousands of socially conscious organizations and businesses, representing millions of people,
to amplify their efforts and generate public awareness and action for peace, justice,
sustainability and transformation. Advisors and Supporters include Archbishop Desmond Tutu,
Jane Goodall, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Bill McKibben, Immaculee Ilibagiza,
Daniel Ellsberg, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Patch Adams, Hazel Henderson, Robert Thurman and
about 70 other visionary leaders from around the world
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10. When is the [We] Freedom Film Festival

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A. September 11- 21, 2020

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