By Grandmother Shannon CrossBear

Originally composed on June 6, 2020

As the USA we have long been accused of being myopic. Today as I read through the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership COVID response update, I was again struck by our ability to create a WE society. There is valuable information to be shared from other countries regarding resiliency in the face of current health and well being conditions and prevention of long term trauma responses and attending to the wellbeing of the human population. We have our contributions to the whole of humanity around the globe. We all do, we are here. We are on this evolutionary earth walk.

Somewhere a long time ago it was embedded in my consciousness for something to be true it had to hold true in all of the dimensions, that of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. All things rise will eventually converge. The human consciousness can be no different. It is natural law. If ever there were indicators that “ WE “ are in this together, it is now, in the time of remembering what we already knew. “We” are coming together, country to country, community to community, family to family, person to person, spirit to spirit and remembering what it means to be a human being.

It can be disquieting. This feeling of having lost ones space in the world, defined to date by a big “I” in individual and a small “w” in we, to a large “W” in WE and a small “i” in individual. Ego and defense and right and wrong thinking, manifest destiny and imminent domain and “dominion over” are all on their way out.

The new story is unfolding. Who we are is not what we were, nor, what we will become.

NewStory #AllThingsRise #IdleNoMore

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